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“Whoever wishes to be delivered from the fire and to enter Paradise”¦should treat the people as he wishes to be treated.” (Sahih Muslim)

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    Valentines day

    The reality of Valentine’s day

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  • Lehne Dawudi
    Lehne Dawoodi

    Lehne Dawoodi 101( Level 1)
    وكلا اتينا حكما وعلما وسخرنا مع داوود الجبال يسبحن والطير وكنا فاعلين
    And We subjected the mountains to exalt [Us], along with David and [also] the birds. (Al-Anbya:79)

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  • prophet lecture
    Love of Prophet!

    [9:128]لقد جاءكم رسول من انفسكم عزيز عليه ما عنتم حريص عليكم بالمؤمنين رءوف رحيم

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